Firenze, Italia

I spent the spring semester of my junior year studying abroad in Florence, Italy. It was life-changing, in more ways than one. But I find when talking about it, words just don’t always do. Pictures, on the other hand…

Il Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore)

Taken around 8 am on my way to class. I remember looking up and thinking, “if I don’t take this picture, I’m really gonna regret it.”

Campanile di Giotto (the Bell Tower)

At sunset

Front of cathedral

The baptistery, taken my last day there (*tear*)

Piazzale Michelangelo

This is a point on a hill that looks over the city. It’s quite a hike, but it’s worth every step.

[Ahem. Quite a hike.]

Giardine Boboli (Boboli Gardens, behind Palazzo Pitti)

Rare is the tourist-free photo op in Florence…

…so when you see one, snap it!

Mercato Centrale

Dried fruits galore!

Mmmm…..raw cow tummy…..

Crazy-cool Sicilian tomatoes

Fresh basil

The best raw almonds ever

Dried strawberries & white grapes

Apartment 17

Living room (la sala)

Bedroom (camera)

Our closet kitchen (cucina)



Wanderin’ Around

L’ Arno

Borgo San Lorenzo, 7:50 am

Borgo San Lorenzo, 3:50 PM

Delicious red pears from the San Ambrogio market

*I apologize for the dates on some of the pictures – a) they are wrong, and b) they are obnoxious. For the majority of my semester I was working with a dinosaur for a camera. Her name was Frieda. RIP.*

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