The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.

– Aristotle

For the past 3 months, I have eaten rice cakes almost every day. Seriously. Rice cakes. What is that about.

I got an internship and am moving across the country in slightly over a month. Stress has taken over my body. A lot.

Why do companies keep jobs posted on their websites after the positions are filled? I don’t know why, but I do know that it is irresponsible, obnoxious, and downright stupid. Come on people. I have a better mind for detail, and I’m not even getting paid to notice these things (yet?).

I am really over this whole Southern food revival fad. I get it. You like fried chicken. That’s nice. New topic, please. Yes, Bon Appetit, I’m talking to you.

The subtitle to this post should probably read: “or, the random things that pop into my head when I’m sleep-deprived.” Sorry about that.

Sometimes I wish I could get a job in the study abroad field. I miss helping other students go abroad and live the dream.

Sometimes, I feel like a huge loser for not being in some distant country right now. It’s a feeling somewhere between jealousy and shame. It’s rather unpleasant.

Other times, I realize what I’ve been doing over the past 6 months is pretty frickin’ cool, and I remember how much I’ve accomplished. The jealousy/shame recedes, if only slightly.

Most of the time though, I think about food. Food in politics, food in culture, food in my tummy. I really, really love food. I really, really want to be “accepted” in the sustainable food field. I.e., I really, really don’t want to be an intern for the rest of my life.

I’m on a 4-week drug to treat my oddly severe acid reflux and am trying really hard to avoid trigger foods. The ever-shrinking bag of chocolate chips in the cabinet did NOT get that memo.

mama pea choc chip cookies (3)

I’m almost waiting to get sick from all the stress I am currently under, so if I disappear, I’m probably curled up in a ball on a couch half-asleep with a cup of tea and half-finished crossword. No worries.

To end on a lighter note…












Contemplate that.

[Photo source here]


4 thoughts on “Contemplations

  1. HI Gillian,

    So nice bumping into you and your mom today at Whole Foods. How exciting about your upcoming adventures.

    Here is my daughter’s postings from Ghana. Hope you enjoy them.

    All the best ,
    Michael Smookler

  2. I have very severe acid reflux (GERD) which is at its worst right now, and nearly all foods — save rice cakes, lean grilled proteins, fat free candy and pretzels — are difficult to eat. I’ve learned that if I cut in half whatever I am eating I’ll do much better. Come and check out my blog because the past month or so of recipes have been reflux friendly.

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