The 3rd–5th Days

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens…

*I realize I’m a tad behind – there were airport pickups, birthday dinners, and disappointments of unfortunately high proportions to be had. I don’t know what this “true love” did for a living, but it must have been pretty sweet if it allowed him/her the time and money to actually pick up all these things…

So, Day 3: March.


Not so much three French hens as three Indian birds…yes, all my non-dog animal pictures are from my safari in India. Leave me alone, I’ve only had a camera for like 3 years. I don’t get out much.

March was an interesting month. School was in full swing, spring break was right around the corner, and the end of my college career was looming a little closer each day.

I had also fallen completely in love with our new apartment and brand new oven. I had just ordered the big yellow Gourmet cookbook bible, and was itching to try out a recipe or two. I saw my opportunity in an easy-looking recipe for Irish Soda Bread – and what better food to make for St. Patty’s Day? Take that, creepy green sugar cookies.

irish brown soda bread (2)

This was my first ever attempt at making bread from scratch completely, and it was wonderfully successful. One my favorites challenges yet!

irish brown soda bread (42)

YUM. That recipe, by the way, is THE perfect way to introduce you to yeast bread baking, if it is as intimidating to you as it was to me. Very difficult to totally screw up.


Day 4: April

4 crazy dogs long

Four calling birds crazy dogs. (At least give me credit for creativity…)

April was a bit of a blur. I got incredibly sick almost immediately after returning from Spring Break, and the race toward the end of the year was ON.

But in terms of food, I do distinctly remember my roommate’s Senior Honors Thesis Presentation. Because there are so few of these per year, the student actually gets a little money to buy food for a reception at the event. Of course, I immediately volunteered to bake cupcakes from scratch. I told you I was on a I-have-a-kitchen-must-bake-constantly high.

And so I made 2 dozen oatmeal cookies and about 30 cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate with tie-dye buttercream, since you’re wondering) in a matter of 4 hours. For my own presentation a week later, I made bruschetta and biscotti.

I was a bit of a nut. But damned if all of those weren’t absolutely delicious.

1st K304 scms (2)

Day 5: May

5 college grads

5 golden rings college graduates.

In May I graduated from Converse College after 4 years of literary analysis, late night Walmart runs, and Disney movie-thons. I met my favorite people in the whole world there.

And when it comes to food, well, there were more dinners, parties, and champagne toasts than I ever imagined could be crammed into a single week. I’ll tell you what I do remember:

sr candlelight (3)

The Senior Candlelight Dinner at a country club that had hairspray in the ladies’ bathroom. I just about died. Gotta love the South for that.

sr candlelight (4)

Plenty of champagne – and , of course…

sees (5)

Chocolate. No major life event can ever be had without it in one of its many wonderful forms.

The 6th day is comin’ your way! Got any geese-a-layin’  you’d like to share?

Catch up:


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