The 2nd Day

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two turtle doves…

Cutest thing EVER!


Or in this case, two baby owls in a little heart-shaped nook in a tree (Ranthambore park, Sawai Madhopur, India).

Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Blogging: Food Memories! Now let me think back to February…hmm. Seems like a lifetime ago.

And it kind of was, in a manner of speaking. I was a senior in college, and had just moved into the brand new on-campus apartments. The elevators worked, the windows could actually open, the shower was hotel-quality – but I was much more interested in the kitchen. And when I say interested in, I mean enamored of. [Sidenote: I can end that sentence with a preposition because I am maintain the parallel structure of the preceding phrase. Boo-yah.]

kate 304 all moved in (7)

A kitchen – and specifically, an oven. What would be my very first baked good in my very first apartment kitchen? Well, the opportunity presented itself when one of my roommates called from Missouri, where she had just accepted the internship of her dreams. After somewhat of of a letdown with the previous internship audition, this was ca-razy exciting for her, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the apartment to come to one conclusion: we were making surprise celebratory cupcakes! I did a combination of her 2 favorite cakes – red velvet & marble. I donned my apron, preheated my shiny new oven, and baked up the inaugural dessert of apt. 304.

marbled velvet cupcakes (2)

And then I blogged about it. Thus began three of the most wonderful months of my college life. I miss that apartment a lot, and all the shenanigans it saw us through. From bar crawls and Disney movie marathons to final papers and YouTube-athons, all the way to graduation – it was home.

marbled velvet cupcakes (12)

And the cupcakes weren’t too shabby either.

The 1st Day: January


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