12 Days of Blogging

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.Note



Ok, that’s not a partridge, or a pear tree. But it is a pear-colored bird in a tree at the Ranthambore park in Sawai Madhopur, India.

Totally counts.

I’m a big fan Christmas & holiday seasonal songs. I’m also a big fan of themes in general, so some kind of “12 Days of Blogging” countdown sounded like fun!

After pondering what exactly to blog for this countdown, I found myself at a bit of a loss. I can’t make up recipes in that kind of volume or time. Being an unpaid working gal four times over has quite the harrowing schedule, I’ll have you know.

But you know what I do have? Memories of all the wonderful food I’ve eaten in the past twelve months. Food memories are a topic I hold very dear to my anthropology-nerd heart, because they are really at the bottom of what this blog is about – food as an experience. Food, for me, is not just about sustenance and flavor. It’s about a moment, an ambience, a sensualness. It’s about taking the time to appreciate the little things, something that I associate very strongly with the holiday season.

So, the 1st annual WBIB 12 Days of Christmas Blogging begins with my favorite bites from January 2011. Don your Santa pants, people. You’ll need the extra waist space.

cia-st helena (121)

In January, my roommate and I flew off to sunny California to deal with our fast-arriving futures. More specifically, she was going to audition for a music therapy internship in Sacramento, and I was checking out the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone campus in the lovely St. Helena. But you KNOW that I was all about the food.

sausalito day 2 (40)

Specifically, the food at Cibo bakery & cafe in lovely Sausalito, where I had my first taste of Blue Bottle coffee – one of the best lattes I’ve had on this side of the Atlantic – and 2 fantastic paninis split 2 ways.

sausalito day 2 (41)

I know, you’re thinking, “you were steps away from the foodie paradise of San Francisco, and you’re blabbing about a couple sandwiches?” As a matter of fact, I am. Because it was about more than just the deliciously crispy bread and the juicy bite of prosciutto. This memory is about the wonderful feeling of sitting in a little cafe on the other side of the country with my best friend on an adventure. I was high on independence and the sight of green grass in January. And our lunch sitting on high bar stools while looking out at the water was the most fun I had all month – and maybe even all year.

cia-st helena (79)

A good latte is a damn fine way to start out a new year, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

golden gate (93)

What was your favorite food moment in January?


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogging

    • Hey Janna! I love, love, loved the campus. Absolutely stunning, and it’s small but very grand. The NY campus is very pretty as well, just much larger. In my book, not much beats wine country! I’m happy to answer any other questions you have about the CIA if I can, too 🙂

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