Thoughts for Food I

Whether or not animals have “feelings,” they still have nerve endings. Smithfield, I’m looking at you.

I am neither weird nor alone in my pickiness about which spoons I use for what. See?

Sometimes I think, “if I see one more recipe for a pumpkin-infused desserts, I will [do something irrational and misguided].” Then I see things like this. And this. And…er, what was I saying?

I helped host an info table at the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs conference today and got my first swag bag since my last birthday party in elementary school. Do you remember those party favors? Bars of Scharffen Berger dark chocolate totally beat tootsie pops. Just sayin.

And speaking of the conference, I attended a really fantastic session on what exactly “sustainable meat” means and the role that chefs play in supply chains. Panelists were the exec. director of American Grassfed Assoc, a small livestock farmer from Concord, & former chef de cuisine at Rialto/current chef at 80 Thoreau – SO interesting & educational. A few favorite thoughts: ever notice that you ask for & see specific kinds of just about everything, from tomatoes (roma, cherry, heirloom) to cheese (cheddar, goat, edam) to fish (salmon, snapper, haddock)…but you never see anything except for beef or pork? I’m not talking about the cuts. There are different kinds of cows & pigs, all with their own unique flavors – and these breeds are in danger of dying out. If it doesn’t sound all that special, think what could happen the next time an antibiotic-resistance disease sweeps through the pink pigs used by the Big Ag’s farms – all of a sudden, there aren’t any pigs left. Genetic diversity is kind of a big deal. Mkay, soapbox done.

I am more convinced than ever that blogging every day makes it easier & more fun. If I can do it while living in Italy and bouncing around the country every weekend, I can do it as an unemployed overthinking intern. Time to man up.

I’m quite sure if love were a flavor, it would be chocolate chips.

mama pea choc chip cookies (3)

And in completely unrelated-to-food thoughts, Once Upon A Time is the best new show on television. Such fantastic writing & acting all-around. And the DETAILS! Oh, the little things, they make me so happy. The apples in the mayor’s house, Jiminy Cricket as the therapist with a lucky umbrella…simply delightful cleverness. And then there is Prince Charming’s face. Completely different kind of yum.

Any thoughts you care to share?


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