Today, I:

  • stood in a Staples for 5 minutes staring at the labels trying to figure out which ones were the same and which were different. Why do we need so many damn labels.
  • drank a million cups of water and still feel parched. wtf.
  • threw the office bathroom key in the trash and wondered why I had my used paper towel in my hand when I got back to the desk. Someone else found the key.
  • put the yogurt container in the freezer. oops.
  • became completely obsessed with Pinterest. It’s a problem.
  • had my favorite mint chip yogurt with chocolate sprinkles and consequently drove home one-handed very successfully.
  • laughed until I was almost crying at the following for no apparent reason:


I don’t know. The face, the outfit, the message…too much.

How was your Wednesday?


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