Upload Like It’s 1991.

If my internet were going any slower, you’d think we were back in the nineties. Altogether that wouldn’t be a terrible thing (I know I’m not the only one who misses *NSYNC…right?), but this 10 minutes to try to save an email draft only to decide you can’t do it at all thing just isn’t working out. I realize this makes me a spoiled 21st century kid, but whatever – I have standards.

I do have a pretty amazing foodie weekend to review, but I’m afraid to try to upload pictures AND put them into this post AND stay connected to our very feeble internet – god forBID I make a computer *gasp* multitask. Not like they were built to do that or anything.

Ahem. Ergo, a preview in words will just have to do.

On Sunday I ate [and photographed!] rabbit pastrami, grilled pizza with fennel sausage, smoked local squash & goat cheese, melt-in-your-mouth shortribs over polenta, and my first pork belly all in one place in the span of 2 and a half hours for free while wearing a dress and asking people if they needed parking validated. And I got beautiful free bread at the end.

On Sunday I really loved my new job. A lot. Not to say that I don’t now, but I’m not done being paranoid.

I really really can’t wait to verbally relive this foodie spectacular, and so Comcast if you’re listening, seriously – pull it together. I have hungry eyes to feed.

EDIT: Alright, internet is completely gone despite the 3 bars it appears to have.  I’m pretty sure some smug little misanthropic programmer thought, “hey, I know, let’s make it so that when they don’t have internet, the computer still appears to show connectivity and they’ll just be frustrated to all hell! That sounds fun! *insert devious-nerd chortle here* ”

You know that’s how it works.


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