Today, I:

  1. Drank most of an incredibly disappointing latte at a cute coffee house downtown. Trying to decide if I really believe in 2nd chances.
  2. Tweeted, FBed & emailed like it’s my job…oh WAIT. It IS my job!  #awesome.
  3. Ate an awesome salad from Chipotle for lunch – love the food, not so much the price tag. Next week, it’s all about the food trucks.
  4. Got inordinately excited about the prospect of maple soft serve ice cream at Sunday’s event. SO.freaking.excited.
  5. Voluntarily walked home from the train station in heels. I miss the gym.
  6. Had a delicious dinner of rosemary roasted pork with a mustard-white-wine-shallot sauce, roasted potatoes & sweet potatoes, & garlicky salad.
  7. Had stomachache from eating a little too much of said dinner. Totally worth it.
  8. Became official member of Slow Food USA. Boston chapter, whatWHAT!
  9. Drooled over these for a while. Payless is now an official stop on my shopping trip tomorrow.
  10. Obsessed more about my future educational dilemma. More on that later.

Cheers to taking it all one day at a time!

golden gate (59)

How was your Friday?


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