Thinkin of the Weeken[d]

The past 2 days have been nothing but interesting for me. Very busy, very fast – but very interesting.

To be honest, I don’t really feel like I have a good perspective on it just yet. The week isn’t over yet, and I’m not too proud to admit that I’m rather paranoid when it comes to talking about how much I like a given job because all too often the minute I say that, it all goes downhill from there. And I really, really, reeeeaaallly do not want that to happen with this one.

“This one,” by the way, is referring to my new internship with Chefs Collaborative in downtown Boston as the Development & Communications intern. They own me Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays; Mondays & Thursdays still belong to food prep at HHK.

So before any soap boxes are dragged out and I start to wax philosophical about the meaning of life as an intern, I will stop and postpone it to Friday, when my head has started to spin at a far lower rate and I can grasp a better perspective about this [crazy] week.

I do have 2 announcements for my fellow Bostonians, however – actually, 2 events.

  1. The Boston Local Food Festival is this Saturday along the waterfront & admission is free! You can go to their site or follow them on Twitter for more info – it’s sure to be a pretty sweet time.
  2. The Grilling on the Green is this Sunday! This is Chefs Collaborative’s annual fundraising event and, before you go all “shutupyourejusttellingusthisbecauseyouworkthere” on me, I will remind you that #1 – I am not a paid intern, #2 – it is a really, reeeeaallly good cause (sustainable food, whatWHAT!), and #3 – this is a sick event. 12 of Boston’s best (and sustainably-minded) chefs are going to be cooking some seriously amazing stuff, like grilled pizzas with fennel sausage and Verrill Farm smoked squash with goat cheese and sage, and they’ve got live music to boot!. Plus, I’ll be there so how can it not be fantastic?

If you’re interested, let me know – I can give you a promo code for a discounted ticket rate! Yes, you have to pay for this, but it is well worth it – you’ll basically be getting a full tasting menu from some of this city’s finest chefs for half the price you would pay at the restaurant, AND you’ll be supporting a great cause.

FB, tweet or email me [] if you’re interested (or want more info)!

In other news, I have been working on updating (a little at a time) my about page & links, so tell me if you think I’ve forgotten anything.

dfm 9-7-11 (7)

So…what’s for lunch?


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