New Nerves

Spices were mixed. Cookies were made. Onions were chopped.

16 cups of onions, actually.

But I really spent most of the day thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow, I get up and go downtown. Tomorrow my internship with Chefs Collaborative starts. And I am very, very nervous.

I am scared I won’t live up to their expectations, or mine for that matter. I’m scared that they will all hate me. But mostly, I’m scared that I will hate it. I’m absolutely petrified that I will be no good at it and count the seconds until the days end, and yet another door to the food world will close on me.

I realize that it’s irrational to feel these things, but reason and emotion are 2 very, very separate things and they do not get along.

I’m very sorry for 2 lame posts in a row, but I’ve been working very hard on my study abroad page! I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate my travel bug on here more, and a page explaining my near-obsession with it sounded like a good place to start!

In the meantime, I will leave you with some zen-tastic photos from a hike I took this summer in the North Carolina mountains.

mountain hike 7-11 (4)

mountain hike 7-11 (3)

mountain hike 7-11 (22)

mountain hike 7-11 (24)

mountain house view (3)

SmileFriday is here!


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