Another Day

So continues my one-day-at-a-time project. Today was good.


It turns out that the recipe categorizing ended early for the interns. I was a little torn, because I had kind of set aside yesterday and today to work almost exclusively on finishing up my last 600 recipes, but overall I was grateful to have one more thing lifted from my list.

I am working very hard on a study abroad page – turns out, summarizing 3 of the most life-changing months of my 21 years is a little time-consuming. Huh.


We also went to the farmers market today, where I saw some of the most beautiful apples! Mmmm, I do love early fall. It’s such a nice break from summer but not frigid or unpleasant at all, and I am a big fan of the foods of the season. I also tasted Creole Red garlic, which is one of the smallest spiciest things I think my tastebuds have ever experienced. My mother gave me a minced piece the size  of half of my finger nail and my eyes watered. It’s usually only grown in the southwest but a local farm “tricked” them with fancy smart farming tricks. Check them out and if you can, head to one of the markets they go to – this garlic will blow your mind!

dfm 9-7-11 (6)

Isn’t it funny how organizing one teeny tiny part of your life can change your whole outlook? It’s a little deceptive, I think – you do one thing & you’re on an I-can-do-things-good high for a day or two, and when you come down there are 2 new piles of crap to organize. But, it makes me happy and that is all I really care about. So, today I reorganized the drawer in  our kitchen that has been the go-to place for things that are mine that arrived at home while I was at college, and it has been growing increasingly full and generally black-hole-like over the past 4 years. No more! I even found 100 dollars. You think I’m kidding. I really did.

Which is a good thing, because unfortunately I am going to have to go clothes shopping for more age appropriate business casual wear for my shiny new internship downtown. I can only go so far in my yoga pants. If anyone knows of some good fashion blogs, let me know – I’m doing my research before hitting the stores.

We had fresh P.E.I. mussels in a white wine-garlic broth with a big salad and a crusty baguette for dinner.

What did you have for dinner this evening?



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