Shall We…Recap?

A lot has been going on over here. I think a solid recap may be in order.

dfm 9-7-11 (9)

1. Last week, I got the Development & Communications Outreach internship with Chefs Collaborative, a nonprofit based in downtown Boston that works as a nation-wide networking resource for chefs to aid in the shift towards a more sustainable food world. I will be tweeting, FBing, blogging, and administrative-detailing my heart out, and I’m VERY excited about it!

2. We also took our house guests (our last au pair  – still talking/visiting us 14 years later, so my bro & I must not have been total demon children!) downtown to eat. The plan was Legal Seafoods Harborside – a Boston classic, after all – but lo and behold, you need to make reservations 2 weeks in advance. After a few too many minutes of walking back and forth in the cold wind & rain, we settled for an upscale sports bar, Salvatore’s, with an Italian-inspired menu. They had good wine, very tasty bread, and local scallops in a limoncello sauce. It was a rocky beginning and a happy ending. [Sox game? What Sox game?]

3. I am one of eight interns helping food52 retag all of the recipes on their site. We’ve got a tight deadline – conveniently enough, this internship ends almost exactly when my next one starts. However, the aforementioned guests paired with my other internship (food prep work here) twice a week and several nights of poor sleep seriously impaired my progress. Hence, I read, categorized and [in some cases] salivated over 471 cocktail & assorted drink recipes…in 2 days. 670 to go!

Just for the record, I have very much enjoyed this particular internship. For the hard-core recipe nerd that I am, being able to read through all of these recipes & the cook’s story behind it has been a lot of fun and completely fascinating! A big thanks to food52 for the opportunity [though I fully recognize that the probability of them reading this is 0 to 1.]!!

4. Incidentally, this weekend I learned the true power of free wifi and espresso. Good stuff.

5. Oh yes, and I changed the blog theme. Again. I think this is the 3rd change in 6 weeks? But I really do like this one. With the sole exception being that I can’t change the font size – but overall, yay!

6. You might also notice a few other small changes:

  • New pages! (Above the header.) I am always in editing mode with those, and if you know of any links I should add or information in general, let me know. Perhaps a dog page is in order…
  • I’m on the Foodie Blogroll! (See widget, down on the right.) Woohoo!

7. The Emmy’s were much better than I expected! Jane Lynch was a fabulous host, the Lonely Island performance was random hilarity at its most wonderful, and the women of comedy standing together was such a perfect moment. And The Daily Show, Jim Parsons, and the SNL JT/Gaga episode wins were so beyond deserved! Of course, Maggie Smith goes without saying. And I thought Kaley Cuoco’s dress was to.die.for.

I think that’s everything. Oh! I’m taking a salsa dance class every Sunday. I’ve always wanted to learn formally, and this was convenient & quite cost-effective at $10 per class. With all of my to-dos, I really needed to do something on a whim – plus, it gave me an excuse to buy new shoes. And it’s in a Jewish Temple, which I find charmingly random. I could use a partner, though, so if you are or know any attractive, suave, twentysomething Fred Astaire and/or Patrick Swayze clones, do have them give me a call.

dfm 8-31-11 (12)

Also, I am more seriously than ever considering getting my own domain for this blog. It seems pretty cost-effective, and the benefits would probably be worth it. I’d much appreciate any thoughts on the issue!


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