Tuesday Ramblings

Hi. My name is Gillian and I am a compulsive theme-changer.


I don’t love the side bar gray background/blue link look, but I am a fan of the overall cleanliness and this theme has a lot more flexibility than the last. Comments? Suggestions? Concerns that every time you click on this blog it will look different? Well, don’t worry too much about that.

I apologize for the lack of post today – I now work a six and half hour shift at the Kitchen twice a week, and came home today to a big plate of sweet potato gnocchi and my next internship, recipe categorizing for the completely fabulous food52. I like keeping busy. And come on…Recipe. Categorizing. If I got paid and could do it sitting in my own apartment with a brownie and a glass of wine, I would never need anything else.

Food52, by the way, is a very awesome site to know about. It is at its essence a recipe exchange website for home cooks, and let me tell you, from what I’ve seen so far you WANT to try some of these recipes. They are tried and true by real humans whose lives don’t necessarily revolve around food. Who are these people, you ask? I’m not really sure. I’ve heard they have things like real jobs and kids and conference calls. I much prefer to stay in my foodie bubble. There are cookies there.

ALSO, I am now on Twitter! It has become rather apparent to me that to be extra competitive in the unpaid internship market, it would greatly behoove me to act like a normal 21-year-old and learn all the fancy new social media things the interwebs are constantly coming up with. Especially when I use words like “behoove.” I’m not eighty-two, I swear.

So please follow me or at least tweet a hello! I need practice.

I’m also starting to have pre-quarter-life-crisis #476 and stuck yet again between culinary school and graduate school for gastronomy. If you have any kind of experience or gut instinct about these kinds of things, please feel free to express an opinion. And no, telling me to stop thinking about it does not count. That is simply not possible. I’m quite sure if I make myself stop thinking about it, it will only lead to nightmares involving chef’s knives, heavy anthropology books, and very hot ovens. No thank you.

It’s almost Hump Day!

dedham frm mrkt lug-11 (10)


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