To Be Honest

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there were a couple changes coming up for me.

[Other than the fact that I’m an intern at this rockin’ place. And that I’m the resident foodie on this awesome blog.]


*drum roll please*

I am officially…

check it ouuutt (3)

A FOOD COLUMNIST! I will be writing bi-weekly articles for my local paper, the Dedham Transcript, as the columnist of Honest Eats. I intend to write about the food scene/trends of the Greater Boston area and make them more accessible and less elitist, and always with a recipe. I think, with all the craziness and hype of the food world right now, it helps to bring it back down to earth and talk about why food is such a wonderful – and more importantly, simple – thing.

What I love most about food writing as a genre is the giving of recipes. Did you know that the root of the word recipe comes from the Latin word recipere, which means to receive? I can’t help but love that the word it has evolved into now has its roots in community and sharing because for me, that is what good eating is really all about. Sitting at a table with family and friends and just talking and enjoying the meal – the longer the better. One of my favorite things about Italian cuisine is the amount of time given to the meal – anywhere from 2 to even 5 hours can be considered normal (although today, it does seem to be decreasing Sad smile ). All good recipes have a story behind them, and I love when they are shared together. I think it gives the whole dish a new dimension – a literal food for thought. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather eat the chocolate chip cookie that was created by accident when the chocolate bar fell into the dough bowl than just some random boring cookie.


Well, ok, I wouldn’t blame you if you ate the boring cookie either. But I’d still like the one with the story better!


Yep, just call me the Carrie Bradshaw of food. And I’m ALWAYS accepting suggestions or ideas for articles, so if you fellow Dedhamites would really like to know about something food-y, drop me a line here!


In other news, I’m thinking of challenging myself to post here every day, just to see if I could get into a rhythm. Never mind those 3 4 other job/internships. I’m not in school anymore, shouldn’t I have like, gobs of time on my hands all of a sudden anyway?


Just let me have my delusions.


Oh and….Happy September?!?!?! How did THAT happen? Thank goodness for long weekends – I need some transition time. Although this 80 degree weather clearly didn’t get the memo…


Have a lovely loooooong weekend!!


dfm 8-31-11 (2)


dfm 8-31-11 (7)


guilty as charged (2)

(I’m sorry, I can’t help it. She begs to be on the blog.)


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