I’m Alive



We live. We’re safe. We even have internet and cable on one tv. Irene was a meanie, but not as much here as many, many other places.The telephone pole with our street sign on it crashed into a neighbor’s fence and took out our power for most of the day. It also created a fire line at the bottom of our street, yellow tape and everything. But at most, it’s only been an inconvenience.



We do, however, only have half of our power back. Which means we can turn select lights on, use the stove and make toast and coffee on one side of the counter, but the dishwasher and oven are no-gos and the refrigerator is functional only because of an extension cord down to the basement.


Could’ve been worse. A lot worse. I know that.

…But I really miss the oven. Old habits, I guess.


Some of us, however, couldn’t be bothered in the least.

izzy-the-bat-5 (1)


Stay safe!


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