We’re Back

And by WE I mean Stronza, my big-a$$ Dell laptop that decided about 2 months ago to crash every 8 minutes (yes, 8.). I have been working on poor baby Melvin the Netbook, who is a good little trucker – emphasis on little. Let me tell ya, coming back to a full-size laptop after 2 months on a netbook is like stepping out of the car for the first time after an 8-hour road trip – it feels goooooood.


I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about what it means to be a “food blogger.” Clearly, it is not just one thing. Take a look at any old Blogroll and you’ll find healthy living/nutrition blogs, bakers, Italian chefs, French foodies, raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, locavores, carnivores, ovo-lacto-wacko-whatever. It’s a huge umbrella of a genre that houses everyone from the crunchy-granola hippies to the 100-dollar-wine-sippers. It’s overwhelming to try to get into. And in my teensy weensy corner of an inherently infinite world, I get confused. Should I post once a day? Every meal? Just when I’m inspired? What do I want out of this?


This blog at its core has been a chronicling of my life from the beginning of my junior semester abroad and onward. After all this time obsessing about what I should blog about and how I should do it, I’m just now realizing that this blog does exactly what interests me about food so much: it shows my life through the lens of food. Perhaps not every post has had a recipe or picture or random kitchen adventure, but the inner foodie seems to be there lurking in the background, at least to me as the writer. I find it so interesting and, well, pretty cool that I’ve ended up putting into action all the theory that I’ve spent so many classes and papers discussing. I think this is what I’ve been trying to get at with my title – when bread is broken, life just happens, and all you can do is savor the moment.


So, what is this blog about? A life. Through food. Really good food. Buon appetito.

frms mrkt ago-11 (13)


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