A Different Kitchen


In case you’re just catching up – I know I am – here’s what’s happening with me:

  • I am home in Boston with a new puppy and a lot of new prospects [none of which, I should mention, are paid, but they are all very interesting and right now that’s plenty].
  • I am looking at a Master’s degree in gastronomy instead of culinary school.
  • I am guest blogging on this blog about my local farmers market with recipes to put all those yummy veggies to good use.
  • And NOW I am interning at Healthy Habits Kitchen!

Today was my first official day as an intern at HHK and let me just say, I could get used to it. It’s a really cool company that prepares healthy dishes for the busy parent to buy and throw together in 5 minutes. Basically, we (I can say we!) portion out the components of a dish and pack it all together so all the customer has to do is cook the rice or pasta and heat up & mix the rest together. They (we?) also do farmers markets and have quite a few corporate relationships.

It’s essentially a food prep internship and I spent the day chopping steak tips for farmers market samples, prepping the asian pineapple sauce that goes with brown rice, and things like chopping, bagging, and labeling. Quite happily, might I add. I’m one of those people who actually enjoy administrative tasks and I’ve always liked chopping for its zen-ness. also going to get the chance to work in recipe development because the owner wants to expand her dessert offerings, which I am wicked excited about. And, it’s a lovely, airy kitchen despite the lack of windows and everyone has been really nice – they have interns a lot, so they’re used to training newbies, which was a HUGE relief to me.

And thus far, it is nothing like my last food prep nightmare experience. Where the restaurant had bags of onions and potatoes haphazardly stacked amidst mismatched bowls and half-broken spatulas, this kitchen has shiny metal racks with perfectly stacked bowls and a separate tray for each measuring spoon – and the produce has its own side of the refrigerator. Where I had to ask 5 different people what to do next after finishing a task, now I walk in and have an index card with a to-do list written out and my name at the top. There is an industrial dishwasher and color-coded cutting boards. Oh yes, I could get used to this.

I am gearing up for what could potentially be just as crazy a fall as any semester in college. Between raising the puppy, at least one and hopefully two internships, 2 blogs and another potential writing job, I should feel perfectly normal. And I’m still facing big decisions about my future education, the progress of which you lucky devils will get to read all about 😉

This summer has been transition after awkward transition, and unfortunately this blog has reflected that. One of my goals this fall is to really solidify the purpose of this blog and dig into the nerdy side of food that I am so obsessed with, including cookbooks and issues like sustainability, but still holding on to things like my weekly recipe challenges and photos. I’m saving for a fancy schmancy camera (because grad school will be so cheap….denial? who?) because I know how much of an impact it can have on the quality of a food blog. And I’m just going to stick with it.

Now that I’ve rambled your eyes off…

If you’ll excuse me, I have a dog to exhaust before bed.


Yes, that is toilet paper. We’ll see who exhausts who first.


One thought on “A Different Kitchen

  1. OMG, an organized business where they actually have the time to produce a personalized To Do List for their interns. Actually I usually do that for my interns too. But that bodes well.
    And Dang, that is a cute dog.

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