#1: New header….yes, no, maybe so?

I don’t exactly have warm & fuzzy feelings about it [yet], but it took up the better part of 2 hours to do, so it might have to stick for a week or so. I read this tutorial about how to make them on Picasa and it was super helpful – it might have even created a monster. Been playing with themes and stuff so…well, if you happen to see a different-looking website every time you come to visit, I’ve just been bitten by the I-know-how-to-do-something-technological bug and am celebrating. It will pass.

#2: Check it outttttttttttt —–>

I am now a recurring guest blogger on Dedham, a blog devoted to the hip-hop-happenin’ things going on in my hometown! I will be writing about all the sweet finds at the Farmers Market & what exactly you can do with them! My first post: salad! Sound boring? Not this bowl of green goodness, my friend. This is the kind of salad I asked my mom to make when I came home from college. The kind my 17-year-old brother eats voluntarily. Yep. You read that right.

dedham fm heirlooms

I’M wicked excited to be writing for such a cool space in the blogosphere, and doubly excited to be talking about the farmers market, one of my favorite things :). SO, if you have ever gone to the farmers market, come home with a bundle of mostly recognizable produce and then realized you have no idea what to do with it all – stop over at for a visit. The cool thing about farmers markets is that even if you don’t go to MY market, we’ll probably find the same stuff – that’s the beauty of eating seasonally!

dedham frms mkt

LOTS of other changes going on, and the minute I know more, you will too!

Have a delicious weekend!


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