The Daily Meal

Oh SNAP! I’m back! I have really, really missed blogging. Especially since I’ve been doing a lot of eating recently, and even more thinking, and somehow have not made it back here.

I would like to apologize for the hot aesthetic mess that was my previous post – I am painfully aware that it looks like I divorced myself from my enter key. My big laptop (Stronza) has been crashing within 8 minutes of turning it on for the past 2 months and my external hard drive took a brief vacation from life, I am not only missing my entire picture library but also the gem that is Windows Live Writer – aka, the best thing for bloggers since boutique cupcakes. I can format it the way I want, have more than 4 font options, put pictures wherever I want…but alas, my netbook seems to be the last technological survivor in my little family and poor little Melvin can’t run with more than Windows XP (remember that?), and WLW is too fancy schmancy for measly little XP. (Unless you know something I don’t….in which case, speak up!)

I am writing today to talk about a new website I was recently introduced to: The Daily Meal! I’m sure I am waaay behind the times on this one, but I was pointed to it this week and found dream job #76 – what a freakin cool foodie site! I’m a big fan of sites that have EVERYthing food – recipes for all levels and isms, serious food-world reporting (Top 10 Badass Women Chefs in America !), entertaining tips, how to quarter a chicken – the good stuff. It’s like every show on the food network tripped into Bon Appetit and landed on the web, and I think it’s quite exciting. Do check them out. Tell them I sent you.

Hmm, let’s see, I have whined about technology and recommended a website…that can’t be all I can do for you…

OH! Cilantro pesto.

Our house has been in its usual disarray since I’ve returned. Chargers strewn here and there, magazines piled up next to the sofa, laundry in different stages of cleanliness on every floor. Dinner can become quite the burden, and is often thrown together perhaps an hour before it is made. Sometimes, it tastes about as good as the thought put into it. Other times – dare I say, most of the time – it works out to be a lovely, tasty meal that everyone likes. Example: last night we had grilled wild salmon (steak tips for the fish-hating brother…we don’t really know where he came from. I maintain the stork got the wrong address.) with cilantro pesto, baked potato wedges, and grilled veggies. The potatoes are easy – chop into desired wedge size, toss with salt, pepper, rosemary and olive oil, bake for 40 minutes until they look as brown as you want them to be. The veggies are easier – cut, grill, eat. (Although if you have the forethought to marinate them in a little garlic and balsamic vinegar, you’ll be even happier.) The cilantro pesto sounds pretty random, right? Well, not when you have a HUGE bunch of cilantro from Whole Foods that the biggest bowl of chili in the world couldn’t help get rid of and it’s already half brown and gross anyway. Nope, pesto seemed liked the smartest thing to do.

I started to make it, but I apparently have higher standards for what constitutes as a “still good” leaf, so Mom took over. Cilantro, parsley, a little olive oil, lemon (or lime – we were out) juice, salt, some sliced almonds, and GARLIC (someone forgot the garlic – let me tell you, it makes a big difference. Like, from “this tastes like pureed cilantro” to “oooh, this is yummy!” different.). Of course, if you do for some ungodly reason forget the garlic, you can just smash a clove or two with a knife between some wax paper and stir it in. Just get it in there.

A little spoonful on top of the salmon made it prettier, yummier, and just better. And I’m prettttty sure if you were to start telling people that you just whipped a little wild salmon with cilantro pesto for a Thursday dinner, they would want to be your friends. I certainly would.



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