I have 9 bug bites.

I got 3 hours of sleep last night before my body woke me up.

I am all of a sudden gut-wrenchingly hungry constantly.

My left ear has been plugged up for 2 days.

But none of that matters because I made muffin tops without a fancy pan or even much motivation.

I love my silicon baking liners. I really do.

Super portable (important when you’re 21 and move every 3 months), cheap, and pretty.

But man do I hate cleaning them.

It’s not like it’s that hard. Just a little dish soap, water and elbow grease. But who wants to worry about cleaning when you have warm, delicious baked goods to consume?

Not me.

So here’s what you do:

Pick a muffin recipe. I love this one because it’s quick, easy and super healthy & yummy. Win-win-win.

Make it.

Then, instead of oiling each muffin liner/tin carefully so as to make sure all the edges are covered and the muffins won’t stick to the sides, grab a cookie sheet. Spritz some cooking spray on a piece of foil and cover the sheet. Or use a Silpat or just the sheet without the foil, but come on, we’re being lazy here. Might as well go whole hog.

Oh god, I’ve been in the South too long.

Ahem. Muffin tops. Dump the dough onto the sheet in large but [mostly] even-sized circular-ish shapes. Bake.

Magic. No muffin tin/liner cleanup required. Just toss that foil.

A lazy recipe for a lazy long weekend. Sounds just about right.


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