Why, hello there. Remember me? I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

Going into my senior year of college, I was warned about many things. How sad saying goodbye to my friends would be, how much I will miss the intellectual stimulation of classes, how absolutely painful senioritis can be.

“They” failed to mention that your life whirls into an appointment- and event-filled cloud of absolute chaos. Yeah – “oops” is right.

So, let me attempt to catch up. In April I got so sick I wanted to curl into a ball and sleep for a month, had a major presentation with family and food and the Dean, almost died driving to Charlotte for the 2nd time, baked and frosted 26 cupcakes, formed, blanched and baked 55 peace-sign-shaped pretzels, and whipped up 33 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all in less than 24 hours, went to 2 award ceremonies and 1 honorary dinner, went to my last May Day Masquerade, collected 4 cords for graduation, continued to work my 4 different jobs and kept up with all of my classes.

I *may* also have watched/sung along to Mulan, Aladdin, and Remember the Titans.

Priorities, people.

Today was my last day of classes at Converse College. Ever. I’m FREE. And I am predicting that it will take less than one month from today for me to have a panic attack about that. But right now, I’m high on my class-free life. One more exam, three essays to edit, and BAM. We’re outta here.

shock and dismay

I’ve even officially applied to the Culinary Institute of America. Perhaps the one upside to the insanity into which my life has devolved is that I’ve barely had time to freak out about that.

Ok, ixnay on that last one – definitely just had a slight panic attack. Thanks, Mom. (When in doubt, call your mothah.)

Anyway, because of said chaos, I don’t have many pictures to share. But I will! In fact, I am on my way to the kitchen right after I hit “publish” to make some good carbo-licious use of the near-black banana laying on our kitchen counter.

I’ll be back. After I lick the bowl. Obviously.


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