A Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, the world appears to be caving in. When you feel like you are watching helplessly as lives are destroyed by natural disasters and heartless dictators, I find that it can help to turn to what you love. Because when the big things make you cry, you have to find the little things that make you smile.

Like a crusty and perfectly golden piece of baguette.


Juicy red plums. As tasty as they are pretty.


My long tea spoon that I [not-so] secretly stole from home. I use it multiple times a day. It’s perfect for eating oats, yogurt, nutella, and everything in between.


The vino-themed kitchen towels I found on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond. Affordable, adorable, and amazingly wine-stain-free. So far.


Warm spring breezes, new flowers, and extra sunlight.


What makes you smile?



2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. I had a similar poignant moment this morning, watching the horrific news from Japan. We all want to know “what we can do” and feel pretty helpless so far away. One thing we can all do is appreciate what we have. We forget, during tough economic times, how much we do have. So, one of the things I can do is say and show how much I value my beautiful family. I am grateful to have a daughter like you! Virtual hug! Value what you have because there is ALWAYS someone who has less and is worse off.

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