Over-the-Humpday Challenge: Venture into the Grain Unknown

Just call me the Indiana Jones of grain.

Or don’t. Personal choice.

When pondering what this Wednesday’s challenge would be, my eyes immediately flew to the brown bag from the bulk bins at Whole Foods that came home with me last Saturday.

What could it be???

The mystery continues…

Can you guess??

…that’s okay, I probably couldn’t either. This is millet, and at $1.99 per pound, it may just be my new best carb-friend. I’ve seen it here and there in the blogosphere, and was very curious. I don’t like rice at all, but I adore cous cous, quinoa, and oats (of course), so I’m always in the market for a new grain.

That, and now that I have a whole kitchen, I can experiment to my heart’s content! So, Mission: Millet it was.

It almost looks like little tiny popcorn kernels!

I measured out a scant 1/4 of a cup. Generally, that is the single-portion serving size for grains, and I figured starting small would be best. Looks are deceiving – this cooked up a very nice serving!


Whole Foods said took cook 1/2 a cup in 1 1/4 cup of water, bring to boil, then simmer for about 20 min. I halved the water, and after it boiled I turned it down and just watched it, stirring every so often and tasting until it seemed ready – it was probably about 15 minutes, and I had to add probably about another half cup of water.

Bubble, bubble, not much toil and even less trouble!

When it seemed to be near sufficiently fluffy and yet still slightly al dente, I added about 1/2-1 tsp grainy mustard, several shakes of pepper, garlic salt, and some herbes de provence. The mustard actually made it really creamy and yet still with a subtle bite – I recommend it!

I served it over a bed of “fresh herb salad mix” – another [cheap!]  Whole Foods find. I think it’s just spring greens, radicchio and cilantro – it’s a really neat change from regular salad greens! Sprinkled with parm and doused in some White Balsamic vinegar.

Sorry for the pic quality – no natural light to be found when I need it!

This. was. AWESOME! The herby greens and the sweet vinegar complemented the creamy and peppery millet perfectly. I would definitely make this again. In fact, I probably will. I’m thinking tomato would be fantastic, and maybe some hummus mixed in. Or maybe with curry, ginger, and some carrot…

That’s part of what I love about grains – their versatility makes for excellent foodie adventures. I do love a good adventure.

Mission Millet: Accomplished.

Oh come on, admit it. Indy ain’t got nothin on me.


4 thoughts on “Over-the-Humpday Challenge: Venture into the Grain Unknown

  1. I never was a millet fan but maybe never had teh right recipe. YOu will have to make some when home in 2 weeks(?).

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