Catching Up

Buon giorno!

Well, it’s taken a while, but I’m finally starting to get into the groove of this semester. Senioritis is definitely looming its tragically ugly head, but I am doing my best to get it all done.

To-do lists on post-it notes are my best friend.

I’ve been doing some blog maintenance, and am working on expanding the pages – see those tabs up there on your right? Click, baby, click! I have a photography page from my semester in Florence, and I am working on a restaurant page and more from my Italian adventures – especially my eating adventures.

You can also now subscribe to this blog – on the right is a button, and if you enter your email address you will be notified when I’ve updated! If nothing else, my parents will certainly appreciate it 😉

It’s still a bit of a struggle to maintain two blogs (I also write for my school here), 3 other jobs and continue to be hold up my GPA as a full time student, but I’ve accepted that. I also don’t have class on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays…so really, no excuses, Gillian.

Coming up I have some recipes for you – some deliciously moist and not-too-sweet banana bread, my favorite cookies that I keep a constant stash of in the freezer, and a buttermilk-saturated surprise later this week! Any guesses?

I’m also going to bring back the Wednesday Over-the-HumpDay Challenges, because they are fun and I want to. Anddd maybe even a countdown is in order…I never did get closure from last year, anyway.

Preview time:


Gosh, I love baking.


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