Welcome to WBIB!

Welcome to When Bread Is Broken!

Yes, a new blog for a new year – don’t remind me of the terrible cliche that is. There is, in fact, a method to my madness.

Although I dearly love my 1st blog, Gillianasana, I felt that after returning from my semester abroad in Florence, Italy where it began, the focus started to kind of go everywhere. It was still on food, but it didn’t feel like me.

Well, that, and I’m kind of tired of trying to explain the title:

“My name is Gillian, and I do a lot of yoga, so I added the -asana, which is the Sanskrit suffix for all yoga poses…because Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language that yoga has always used…um, get it?”

“Ok…but’s it’s a food blog…?”

“…It made sense at the time.”

*insert change of topic here*

Another reason for the change of blog: M.F.K. Fisher. As a senior English major who recently uncovered her devout passion for food and food writing, discovering this woman was as blissful as my first encounter with chocolate mousse (which, for the record, was at the Chocolate Tea at the Le Meridien Hotel in Boston, and I had 4 servings. I was 6.)

Fisher basically invented American food writing, and she did it well. If you’ve never read her before, please start with The Gastronomical Me. Go on from there. In fact, I highly recommend getting your hands on The Art of Eating – it’s a collection of 5 of some of her best-known/loved works.

And if you’ve never heard of her before…you’re welcome.

I wrote my thesis on her book How to Cook a Wolf, written during World War II for all those housewives out there struggling to turn their grayish, meatish loaves into beouf bourgignon with their ration stamps. It was the hardest and most intense research project I have ever done. I laughed. I cried. I laughed because I cried so much I went into hysterics. But in the end, I learned a lot – and probably love food even more because of it.

The quote at the top of this blog, by the way, is one of my favorites of hers – and she has said quite a bit šŸ˜‰

But, as you will notice, the entire contents of my 1st blog can also be found right here – just click over to that archive! Anything between January and mid-May 2010 is in/about my amazing 3.5 months lived in Florence, Italy. Going there should be on everyone’s bucket list. And when you go, please email me – I have a list of restaurants you must go to.

So, good things to know about me: I’m an English major & music minor at a small liberal arts college in South Carolina (Converse College – yes, like the shoe but no affiliation). I plan to attend culinary school after graduating this May for Baking & Pastry. Yoga is one of my favorite things in the world, and I swear by it – shoulder stand is probably my favorite pose. I got started reading food blogs during my sophomore year in college (KERF and Eat Live Run hold a special place in my cyber-heart), and was completely hooked. I love traveling (I not-so-secretly want to be a travel-food writer…I can dream, right?) – not so much the airport/taxi/getting there part, but the being there part.

That sums it up for the moment. I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures from my favorite places!


I ā¤ my major.

The chocolate festival in Florence. Yes. Chocolate. Festival.

At the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

My favorite Tuscan dish, ribollita, at my favorite restaurant in Florence, Sergio's.

Fresh fruit stand at Mercato Centrale, the huge historic open-air produce market in - can you guess? - Florence.

Greve in Chianti, Italia. Italian wine country.

Hiking Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italia

Losing my umbrella in San Gimignano

Riding (if you can call it that) a camel in the Thar Desert, India

At the top of the Amber Fort in Rajasthan, India

and the elephant who brought me there!

View behind the Taj Mahal. So prettyyyyy!

Our garden, at home. And when I say 'our', I mean mom's.

Don’t worry. The food pics are on their way.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to WBIB!

  1. Awww. You included my garden! And it looks so good! Despite the trash can in the background. I have a lot of work to do this year, but that photo is inspiring. I love your new blog look! Love it, love it. Greystone looks good, but I’m still pulling for Hyde Park NY!

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