I just love salads. Fun textures, yummy fresh flavors – and such pretty colors!
My mom stopped at a little cafe called Baker’s Best in Newton (Mass) that is a cafe as well as a kind of take-away place – lots of prepared foods like salads and hot pressed paninis. She grabbed three different salads, and I threw a little of each on a bed of spinach. I love eating this way – light, fresh, and a little bit of everything.
There was an orzo salad with feta cheese, asparagus and roasted peppers in an oil-and-vinegar dressing – probably my fave! Another was a noodle salad, a little spicy with chili, shrimp, cilantro and asian veggies like bell peppers and snap peas. Probably my least favorite – too oily and the noodles were a little mushy, plus I’m not big on spicy foods. The last was a red quinoa salad with veggie strips and mandarin oranges – this I loved as well. The fun thing about salads like these are they’re super easy to duplicate – and even play with and improve upon! Pick a grain, pick some veggies, maybe a little cheese, and spices and BAM! super yummy, quick, homemade salad ready for chowin’.
As much as I have been thoroughly enjoying my time on the elliptical jamming to my newly-downloaded Glee tunes, today was not a gym day (let’s just say, sometimes it sucks to be a girl). The weather was beautiful, and it was the perfect day for a walk around the neighborhood with the dog – and LuLu!
Love that natural light 🙂
A baby!
I think she was feeling a little shy 🙂
I love this tree. Every time I walk by it, I say that to myself. Doesn’t it look like a woman stretching her arms up and out? Very free. Beautiful.
Dogs will be dogs!
Lean on me…
I love walks. They’re like free therapy.
Tippy likes them too 😉

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