The Blog Problem

Blog – a simple means of expressing ideas, thoughts, interests, passions, pictures, and anything else one’s heart desires to post in a public sphere to generate discussion and thoughts of others. A rough definition, but it’s subjective. So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, there is first the issue of how much info is too much. I mean, the internet is world wide, and it is important to be aware that anyone and everyone can see it, and will react and use the information you provide in an infinite variety of different ways. And then there is the concerns of the writer: will I write well enough to keep people interested? does anyone really care about what I have to say? It’s a constant challenge to say something a little wittier, a bit more eloquent, or to take a better, more aesthetically pleasing picture. This however I the very thing I love about the blog. It is such a great outlet for me to challenge myself and better my writing, and at the same time, I get to talk about my real passions (FOOD!). Don’t get me wrong, I actually semi-enjoyed writing a paper on the mystery of the structure of Milton’s Lycidas, and my music history listenening assignments were always interesting to write up. But here, I can write about my thoughts, my interests, in an accepting public forum. It’s so liberating to me, to just write. It’s true, I get judged by my readers like my teachers judge my papers, but on the blog, there is no grade to be concerned about. It’s more a free judgment, maybe?

Writing is, for me, the best means of expressing life experiences. And what I love about food blogs – and food in general – is that because of its status as a necessity for, um, human life, it is taken for granted. It has to make multiple everyday appearances in our life, and thus is often not given a second thought to. But it carries so much symbolic value, and is such an insightful vessel of self-expression. You are what you eat. And I’m showing who I am on this blog with just that – what I eat. And now, I am off my soapbox for the day.

Speaking of eats…

(My camera, like me, is NOT a morning person – had a liiiiiittle trouble focusing this AM)

Breakfast! Oats + peach yogurt and a pear. The yogurt here is super thin, and the oats not only add that yummy grainy flavor but also thicken up the yogurt. If you haven’t tried raw oats and yogurt, put it on your list – mm mm mmmm!

Food & Culture was awesome, as usual. That class is just too cool. I have been craving a class like this, that finally pinpoints my exact interest combining women’s studies + language + food. I always leave happy. AND my teacher brought me this to borrow:

We read a couple chapters out of it for homework. Carole Counihan is pretty freakin cool. If you have any interest in anthropology + food, definitely seek it out. Her studies are fascinating.

Also had my music class. I made a brilliant new discovery today – there is a minimarket on my way to that class, and so today instead of going to the school cafeteria, I stopped in and got my big water and banana for 80 eurocents. Woohoo for money-saving discoveries!

After class I was starving. But my camera was dying and so I had to go on Mission: AA Batteries before I found a sandwich. I was successful, but they were hella expensive, which does not make me happy – my camera eats batteries like I eat Italian bread. There probably is a better place to find them. I will seek it out. I just went to a music store, but maybe a Tabacchi (convenience store)? Study abroad = LOTS of trial-and-error.

Found a decent enough looking sandwich at a bar on the way back to my apartment. I’m not gonna lie; the main reason I chose this one is because the guy behind the counter is cuuuuuute. Sue me.

Vegetarian on schiacciata, which is a kind of bread (only called schiacciata in Firenze) a bit like focaccia. Salty, olive oil baked in the top, crispy but fluffy…mmm. I like. A little on the greasy side, but it was much more preferable to my arm, which was my next nearest option. It’s not easy to find a bad sandwich in Italy; sometimes they are nothing special, but very rarely can they be classified as bad. Man, I love Italian bread. (P.S. those black spots are the result of me not paying attention to the pan…still tasted good.)
Most of my day was spent in a bit of a daze – didn’t get much sleep last night and had a bit of a tummy ache from the night before. I lay down for a little, but mostly just dozed.
We wanted to go to a sushi place for dinner, but they were all either closed (Monday is NOT the night to go out to dinner) or too expensive, so we decided to go for aperitivo at the place across the street. All I really wanted was some Prosecco and bread anyway, so that worked for me! Aperitivo is an Italian pre-dinner tradition; you go to a bar or cafe and you play a flat rate for a drink and then there is a buffet – size and types of food vary from basic finger foods like bruschetta to full-on pasta dishes – that is unlimited. It’s great for students as a cheap dinner out with a drink included. The place across the street from our apartment has a huge buffet with lots of options, so we just walked on over.
Mmmm, Prosecco. Might as well live it up while I can, no?!
I like aperitivo because I, as you know, will try anything, especially if it’s bite-size. This style of eating fills me up from tasting many different bites, and it’s very satisfying because of the flavor variety. It would be very easy to overeat, but it’s more fun if you just take a little of this and a bite of that. I did have several pieces of bread, though – I was craving it tonight for some reason. Italy is a really good place to have that particular craving. They also had crab legs and shrimp, which were de-LISH. Seafood + bread = happy me.
I should start thinking about bed soon – 8 AM Italian kind of kills nightlife for me. Good thing it holds little appeal to me, I guess. I am going to sip my chamomile tea and hit they sack. Happy Monday/Lunedi!

One thought on “The Blog Problem

  1. Woooooah- Do i know you- Chianti at lunch, Prosecco at dinner. You are a not my daughter (although Mom would never say that!). What have you done with her and give her back. What will happen when you go back to Converse?Now I think most of your photos are pretty good but the couple in background through the gate did get lost. perhaps as short course in photography should go on your list while you are over there. A photography class in Italian might be challenging. Good luck with the cute guy in the sandwich shop- remember it is fine to make the first move! Also they tell me the weather issue should be a bad dream in about a month.

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