Nostro Appartamento

I think it’s about time that I showed dove abbito (where I live)!

That twirly irony thing at the front is a revolving gate thing. It’s pretty sweet.

There are a LOT of stairs to our apartment…our butts are going to be in great shape.

Benvenuto al nostro appartamento!

La sala

(same room, opposite side)
e la cucina…

e nostra camera…

A room with a view!

Bathroom/Washer machine

Our lovely fruit bowl

Our stove in action!

Apicius – The Culinary Institute of Florence
Yup, it’s about three doors down from us. I walk by it everyday. Think it’s a sign? I do.

2 thoughts on “Nostro Appartamento

  1. Nice apartment. But 3 doors down from the culinary Institute- has to be a coincidence. i am convinced you are looking for job as photo journalist shooting food next. Check out that bowl of oatmeal.

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